Depression Is

Depression not wanting to get off the bus when it pulls up at your stop. Depression is swinging between starving and stuffing yourself. Depression is taking an hour to convince yourself to shower, then not wanting to get out of the cocoon of the warm water. Depression is having to wait to stop crying so … More Depression Is

I Literally Can’t Wear That: Where Disability and Fashion Intersect

This article has been cross-posted from my fashion blog Fat Fashion Faes.  Click here to read other posts.   Lot of things influence our fashion choices.  Magazines, shop displays, TV, film, celebrities, friends and family, the weather, whether it’s for work or play, the shape and size of your body and both the fashion industry’s … More I Literally Can’t Wear That: Where Disability and Fashion Intersect

True Story

I’ve had my heart broken five times.  Three of those by the same girl.  You’d think I’d learn.   True story.   The thing about being broken is, it doesn’t just happen.  Some force does that to you.  Whether they snap you on purpose or they drop you and you shatter, it is their force … More True Story


I think I should really like to grow a beard. Now, I know you think it would look weird with my really quite gigantic tits and all my various “lady” bits, but I would wear it proudly with my dresses, underneath my sculpted tresses. I’m sick of this wispy little moustache crap that society tells … More Beards

Five Everyday Adaptations for the Spoonie Life

All people with disabilities or chronic illnesses struggle with some aspects of their lives. Some will struggle with every day tasks like washing themselves and getting dressed and some will manage most things well but struggle with things like travel, hobbies and sport. I myself am somewhere in between so I’d like to share a … More Five Everyday Adaptations for the Spoonie Life