Spoonie Self Care Guide

Ever wish that there was someone or something ready to help you whenever you felt like shit and weren’t sure what to do?  Now there is!  This easy, interactive, low energy guide is spot on if you ask me.  It runs through all the basics – have you eaten, drank, taken your meds? – then moves onto more complex, such as depression and loneliness, until you feel better.  And it’s not a one box for all, you can skip bits that aren’t relevant and go further into bits that are.  How good is that?

Now as much as I’d love to take credit for this I did not make it.  The creators are credited at the bottom of the front page so feel free to track them down and thank them yourselves.  Do remember to use your spoonie sense (like spidey sense but less sexy) and only do what you are physically and mentally capable of.

Have a good weekend and take care of yourselves!



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