Strange Spoonie Strategies

The other day somebody told me they thought it was odd I was happy to eat a biscuit that had been left sitting on a table because I was ‘such a germaphobe’.  I had no clue where they’d got that idea, I am if anything a germafriend.  They play a vital role in building our immune system and unless you’re basically dipping your morning toast into week old raw meat juice, you’re pretty safe in my opinion (people with immunosuppression  DON’T take a leaf out of my book!).  When I asked how they had formed this odd impression they explained they had seen me wrap my cardigan sleeves around my hands before pushing open the bathroom door to stop my hands getting dirty.  A lot of people do this, they seem to think the cleaners have some sort of door handle blindness.  But that’s not why I do it (read on for that fascinating tidbit) and it got me thinking…what other things do I do that seem odd to others but are actually steeped in spoonie logic?  Well…

1 – Use sleeves to cushion painful hands when opening doors.  Sometimes the pressure of a heavy door against my fingers or hands hurts, so an extra layer of woolly goodness is nice.

2 – Rest cups against my cleavage.  Now, this may not seem so odd but what I often do is keep them there and dip my head to drink rather than bother lifting the cup up.  Lazy, or genius?

3 – Take as few steps as possible.  Seriously, why are you taking that corner at such a wide angle?  Don’t you realise it doubles your step count?  That’s spoons you can use elsewhere!

4 – Pile everything up within arms reach before settling down anywhere.  If I’m going to bed or settling down to watch a film, I’ll have water and meds and books and phone and extra blankets and food and a cat and the kitchen sink and a home spa and Laura Prepon* all nearby ready in case I need one of them.  You never know, right?

5 – Plan twice the time for everything, to allow for rests.  If I don’t need the rest then hey, extra free time, if I do then I’m not behind schedule.  Even if I’m feeling good I still do this, you never know when you’re going to have a sudden change and it’s important to avoid overdoing it just because you feel vaguely normal for a day.

I’m sure there are other things I do to save pain and energy without even thinking about it.  Are there any things you do that seem perfectly normal to you but non-spoonies may not understand?  Share them.


*For legal reasons I should probably point out I don’t actually have Laura Prepon by my bedside.  Would be kinda nice though.


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