What a Toon: Doctor Who Edition

I just spent and amazing two days in Cardiff with my sister seeing all the Doctor Who and Torchwood sights including the Doctor Who Experience which is amazing!  We must have heard this theme tune about twenty times over the two days and I’m still not sick of it.

Now this video – which is not mine, for full credits follow the link onto youtube – is great and I could listen to it on repeat forever BUT it misses one vital fact: it was not written solely by Ron Grainer.  In fact, what Ron Grainer did was put a few notes on paper and hand it to Delia Derbyshire, a genius woman at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, who not only created the electronic masterpiece of a theme tune but can be credited with inventing a lot of modern electronic music.  And yet nobody knew who she was or what she did for decades.  Her work is now celebrated at many museums and some of her original work is on display in Manchester.



And here is a picture of the piano they used to make the original TARDIS noise – they dragged keys along the strings and distorted the sound.



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