Happy World Poetry Day!

Happy World Poetry Day! 
Why not celebrate by buying my book? Here’s a little taste of what you will find inside…
Woman In Purple Sari, Glimpsed From A Bus Window In Hunslet
A crowded bus,

suits and skirts sardine packed in summer heat,

sweat and ringtones and work passes

and you.
Clad in iridescence,

capturing the sun and returning it

silver and pure,

halo bright.
A dab of brilliant colour,

a moment of wilderness

against the unending brown and grey

of urban mundanity.
A glimpse of a face,

of what it means to be ethereal,

to be an imp,

a wild thing.
Your eyes holding freedom 

that we will see in every sunrise,

every starry night,

every lovers gaze

and that we will wear

in the corner of our smiles

but find when asked

we cannot tell.
Not of silver

nor of beauty.

Not of wildness

nor of purity,

nor of 


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