Disabled People Aren’t Sexy

This is based on a statistic I saw in a particularly foul British newspaper. I won’t link because articles like that and papers like that don’t deserve more circulation. I am 95% (you’ll get that joke when you’ve read the poem) sure that the statistic is bollocks but it still inspired this poem. 

95% of people wouldn’t date someone disabled

the newspapers report.

But this isn’t a surprise to me

because you see, disabled people* aren’t sexy.

There’s nothing sexy about anxiety,

about limping or incontinence or depression,

about colostomy bags or wheelchairs or syringes.

In this zero sum game of love

you have it all

or you have nothing.

People search for the perfect mate,

swiping right indiscriminately but never talking,

putting ads in papers and going on TV

in the blind belief that out there somewhere

is someone who a computer made just for them.

Someone sexy and smart

and willing to put up with their myriad of shit.

Not someone who is a responsibility.

Caring for someone has no place in love.

The magazines flog us perfect bodies,

thin and tanned and able.

Disabled people only get a look in

when they are an inspiration.

When we talk about the sweat, blood and tears

taken to be a disabled athlete, popstar or author

then we can be seen.

Then we can be sexy.

A disabled person can be more

or less

but never average.

We can’t make mistakes, be bitchy,

can’t be fat or ugly,

can’t be happy to just coast along at our shitty job

like every other fucker in the bastard place.

When we make a mistake it’s not

what did you do wrong?

It’s what’s wrong with you?

What’s wrong with you?

A disabled person makes an error at work

and it’s an excuse to suggest it’s time to leave,

time to go home put your feet up,

take care of yourself.

But if we don’t work then we must be busy,

must volunteer, care, create

to avoid becoming the worst of the worst;

a burden.

Another statistic in the downfall of the country

on par with those job stealing

(yet somehow also benefit scrounging) immigrants,

a slogan for a hopeful politician

who wants to make our country great

by killing off the weaker of the pack.

If we dare to lose ourselves

we become worse than invisible,

uncared for, maybe, but not unseen.

See, disabled people aren’t sexy,

according to the 95%,

according to the papers who raise up our heroes

who have abilities

most able-bodied people would kill for

and on the next page

slam us down as skivers,

as hypochondriacs, drug addicts, liars,

and leave their readers to repeat

their lies,

that 95% who have read that we are to be hated.

But, to be honest, with an attitude like that,

we probably don’t want to shag them either.

*Yes, I know, person centered language is grim etc etc. I normally would use ‘a person with disabilities’ but try reading the poem with it like that and you’ll know why I had to change it! 


One thought on “Disabled People Aren’t Sexy

  1. i get your blog. i am disabled .NORMAL PEOPLE ARE A DISGRACE ,most of them.i am
    disabled .married .NORMAL LADY.more lady than most
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    please do reply . i take part in a lot lot research


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