Professionalism Is A Con (And A Feminist Issue)

I have been accused of being many things in my life.  Crazy, queer, weird, a drug addict, a liar, a sexist, too nerdy, too fat, too high maintenance.  Some of them are true (I have a playlist that is all the Doctor Who themes since 1963 in chronological order), some are flat out lies (I am so bad at lying, it is kind of embarrassing) and some are true but were meant as insults (I am a fat queer, get over it).  There is one thing though that I will never really be accused of; being ‘professional’.

For a depressingly long time, the only professional people were men so in order to be taken seriously as professionals women are expected to be like their male counterparts.  Actually, no, we are expected to be better.  To be smarter, harder, more dedicated workers.  Masculinity is the standard to which we are expected to conform, from our clothes to our attitudes.


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