Zines, Zines, Zines

I’ve had a few gigs recently and as my self-published little chapbook sold out I busied myself making some zines to sell. They proved pretty popular at Verse Matters in Sheffield (a great night, highly recommend getting yourself over to one of their events) – if you fancy one you can drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook and I can post some out to you. I take PayPal or Ko-Fi.

The first zine I made was Find Me – this was made of a mixture of found materials (text cut from greeting cards, magazines and newspapers) and original photography. Each poem is about things lost and found in some way and features my poem Alive which has been receiving great reviews at gigs.

I then worked on The Impression That Remains, which features two long prose poems and one short poem all about my relationship to the physical world. I decopaged the cover for this one, which may be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done but was such good fun! On the inside I went old school and decorated with stamper markers. You can take the child out of the 90s but…

I also made one called Pause, a selection of poems I’m working on that are all exactly 100 words including title.

This didn’t go quite to plan: I left the photocopier unattended and didn’t realise it had messed up a page pretty badly!

I decided it was better to use them than waste them as I’d made 20 copies that looked like this! So I put it on a deal: get it free when you buy more than one other zine! It went down a treat.

I have definitely got the zine making bug and will make more in the future. The best thing is, I have the proof copies of these forever so if I decide to redo one I just need to stick them in the photocopier!

I’d you would like one they are priced at £3 for The Impression That Remains and Find Me, buy two and get Pause free (when I’ve sold out of the damaged versions I will print some decent ones for sale). I also have available a zine by Leeds Savages, Yorkshires oldest (and best) writing club. This is a lovely zine featuring several writers of poetry and short fiction with a hand painted cover design. That one is only £2!

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