Extinction Rebellion Say All The Right Things, But So Often Do The Wrong Thing

The world is in a state of emergency and something needs to be done about it.  That is an indisputable fact (though many seem to be trying).  Our governments are culpable in the deaths that are already happening due to climate change and without quick, immediate action they will be culpable for many, many more.  The UK government recently voted against adding a 1p charge to certain fast fashion items to try and curb the extreme effect the textiles industry has on the climate.  Trump granted drilling leases that will produce more pollution than the whole of Europe.  If nothing changes and fast, we are well and truly fucked.

Enter Extinction Rebellion (XR).  They want the government to act now to ensure that the UK is zero-carbon by 2025.  Ambitious, laudable, necessary.  Their tactics are to use civil disobedience and illegal but non-violent action to get attention, and it works.  The government declared a climate emergency after their April protests.  This wasn’t enough though; despite declaring an emergency they are not working at a pace that satisfies anyone worried about global warming, so XR held more demonstrations throughout July.  And this is where the lure of XR falls apart…read the full article on Women’s Republic.

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