What A Toon: Disco 2000

This song has followed me through life. It is the sound track to childhood holidays in France, to teenage parties, to road trips with mates, to dates good and bad. I don’t think I’ll ever escape it and I certainly don’t want to. Advertisements

What a Toon: I Want You

This months theme seems to be…songs my family made me love.  Mum listened to the album this features on obsessively while pregnant with me and when I was a baby and I still love it to this day.  He never bloody plays it in concert though!  

What a Toon: My Oh My

My Dad loves Slade.  Somehow, despite my mother hating them wth a passion, he managed to instill that love in me.  We usually go to a gig at least once a year and have a good old Daddy-Daughter dance party.  We may even own matching t-shirts.  

What a Toon!

  I’ve had this stuck in my head since I heard the awesome Slade UK do a cover of it at a Slade convention I went to with my dad.  Yes, I am just that cool.